October 30, 2021 - BY Admin

EV Designers Focus on Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tapes for Battery Pack Solutions

EV designers are paying increased attention to single and double-coated high-performance Pressure Sensitive adhesive tapes (PSA) because of their ability to provide solutions for challenges facing OEMs regarding the development of the electric vehicles. Particular focus is on their function in the Lithium-ion battery packs which are the most popular choice to provide the vehicles’ power, but which also currently provide the greatest challenges in assembly.

Single or double-coated PSA tapes are not only far lighter then the metal fasteners of old which in itself makes them attractive for use in EV assembly, but they are also being chosen above liquid adhesives for their quick application, instant strength  and because they require no curing. The tapes function as single-component adhesives, so there is also no need for mixing nozzles or any concerns regarding pot life.

This makes the PSAs ideally suitable for use both as EV assembly aids, and for bonding either (or both) pouch and prismatic cells together in EV battery pack assemblies, where they are not just used for electrical insulation and cell wrapping but also to provide dimensional stability and protection for delicate materials by placing foam- backed pressure-sensitive tape between each cell, as well as easy-release liners. Single coated tapes are usually applied to rigid metal structures such as aluminium chill plates, while the double-coated PSA tapes are combined with compression padding materials for electrical insulation.

 Acrylic and silicone-based PSA adhesives with flame-retardant properties reduce the risk of flammability in materials and composites by meeting UL® 94 V-0 and other flame requirements. High dielectric strength resulting from in-built dielectric film also prevents electric breakthroughs of materials. Both EV OEMs and battery manufacturers have strict requirements to meet regarding protection against thermal runaway in which fire spreads from cell to cell in the battery pack. Pressure-sensitive tapes have been shown to help prevent thermal runaway events.