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Tiles Grout

Tiles Grout:

For joining 1mm to 8mm tiles, cement based grout, stone tiles like ceramic, porcelain and marble granite etc. Fast Tiles Grout is water added nature and non-slump grout with easy application excellent thixotropic.

Mixing ratio:

2 pounds of Fast Tiles Grout with 330 ml. Mix clean water to make a paste.

Terms of Use:

1. After one day of laying the tiles, do the grouting of the tiles.
2. Clean the joints of the tiles thoroughly.
3. Fast Tiles Grout should be mixed with clean water in proportion to make a paste.
4. Use the prepared paste on the joints of the tiles
5. Tooling.
6. Wipe over the tiles with a clean cloth
7. Allow 48 hours for curing.


800 grams (pouch)
800 grams (box)