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Fast Wood Preservative

Field of application:

Bamboo and wooden furniture, doors, window frames, poles, etc effectively protects from infestation by insects, weevils and fungi.


Before varnishing the wood or cane, apply the wood care thoroughly with a brush, let it dry for at least two days, then apply the paint or varnish by rubbing it on a light abrasive paper. In the case of house poles, after 8 hours of coating the entire pole once, apply a 2nd coating on the part that will be under the ground and bury it in the ground the next day. To control house floor weevils, remove the soil from the entire floor to a depth of 6 inches and evenly sprinkle 8 liters of wood care in 10 feet or 12 feet and immediately cover with soil and press down to tighten the furrows. The same should be applied around the room.

Pack Size:

450 mg,

950 mg,

1900 mg

3800 mg